Our Perspectives

Our Coalition is rooted in the realities of homelessness and driven by the imperative to end it: The everyday and nightly experiences of people who are homeless and practical knowledge of service providers inform our work. We are committed to reasonable problem-solving, just public budgets, and sound public policies. 

Homelessness is a systemic problem resulting from policies and priorities which contribute to a critical lack of affordable housing. People who are unable to afford housing and who are at high risk of homelessness include those who work low wage, occasional, or part-time jobs; who are disabled or elderly; who are young or ill; who are unemployed; who suffer from mental illness; who are in some other way on the edges of the economy or society. Individuals and families can be helped to survive, stabilize, and emerge from homelessness. Addressing the overall crisis means tackling structural issues and proposing system-wide imporovements and innovations.

This perspective has long fed two important elements of the Coalition’s work: commitment to ensuring that people who are homeless get access to appropriate, quality services (including survival services) and housing, and tireless participation in advocacy to secure necessary resources and policies. The Coalition routinely participates in the city of Seattle, King County, and Washington state budget processes, and we engage the staff, residents, clients, and guests of our member organizations to do the same.Read more on our positions.