Homeless Voters' Information
2014-2015 Guide
Washington being a vote-by-mail only state presents increased challenges for homeless folks to exercise their right to vote. This guide provides important information on how to vote when you may not have a permanent address and specific details for voting in King County in the 2014 general election and Spring 2015 election.

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Understanding Homeless Students' Educational Rights
2014-15 edition

See what the law guarantees in support for students who are homeless through their schools.

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A Realistic Look at the Need:
The Role of Shelter in Addressing Homelessness (v. 2012)
Download our policy paper on the role of shelter in addressing homelessness.

Family Turn Away Survey Report 2012 Family Turn Away Survey Report 2012PDF
Thousands of families are safe inside each night - but many others are turned away for lack of space. The Coalition designed a unique Family Turn Away Survey to document the unmet need for family shelter as part of the One Night Count.

Project Cool Annual Report

2014 Annual Project Cool Report

2014 Annual Report PDF

In 2014, Project Cool provided 1,373 children and youth across King County with backpacks and school supplies.


2013 Annual Project Cool Report

2013 Report PDF

2012 PC Report

2012 Report PDF

2011 PC Report

2011 Report PDF

Child and Family Homelessness Fact Sheet 2012 PDF
Download our fact sheet on the 2012 One Night Count and family and child homelessness.

One Night Count

2013 ONC Summary
2013 ONC Street Count PDF
2012 ONC Summary
2012 ONC Street Count PDF
(Or, see full 2012 results and analysis here)
2011 ONC Summary
2011 ONC Street Count PDF
2010 ONC Summary
2010 ONC Street Count PDF
2009 ONC Summary
2009 ONC Street Count PDF
2008 ONC Report
2008 ONC Report PDF
2007 ONC Report
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2006 ONC Report
2006 ONC Report PDF
2004 ONC Report
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2003 ONC Report
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