2020 Washington State Legislative Advocacy

During the 2020 legislative session the Coalition on Homelessness joins with our statewide partners to advocate for bills and budget issues that prevent homelessness, preserve and strengthen public benefits and services, and support people who live in Washington.

Join us! Pledge to contact your state lawmakers at least twice per week in the last days of session (between now and March 12). Sign up for Coalition Take Action Alerts to receive timely alerts to support legislative actions related to our priority issues. Email speakup[at]homelessinfo.org if you have any questions.

Take Action Now: How to contact your lawmaker and ask them to vote yes on priorities you support

  1. Send your lawmakers an email using an easy action form – tell your lawmakers to:
  2. Call the Legislative Hotline and leave a message for your 2 Representatives and 1 Senator (plus, cc the Governor). Operating hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.: 1-800-562-6000.
  3. Call or email your lawmakers’ offices directly. Look up your state legislative district and contact information for your lawmakers here.

Coalition Legislative Priorities that are still moving as of 2/24/2020 (view our initial priorities document).

Priority Bills

  • HB 2948 / SB 6692: Give King County lawmakers this urgently-needed and progressive local option to raise new revenue to address the homelessness crisis through a modest corporate payroll tax. A recent independent report by McKinsey & Co. estimates that King County must spent an additional $450 million to 1.1 billion per year for the next decade on housing solutions. We urge lawmakers to significantly INCREASE the amount of revenue that can be raised with this tool, and ensure that it is spent on homes for those with the lowest incomes (30% median income and below), without limiting the ability to respond to critical community needs.
  • SHB 2456: Extend the Homeless Grace Period for Working Connections Child Care to 12 months.
  • SHB 2441: Reverse cuts to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Eliminate full-family sanctions ensuring that children are always in households that have access to cash, and restore time-limit extensions.
  • 2SSB 5144: Reinstate the child support pass-through to that families on TANF are not denied access to child support payments.
  • HB 1694: Move-in fee installment payment plan: Require landlords to accept a 3-month payment plan for move-in costs when a tenant requests it.

Select Budget Priorities

  • Add $15,444,000 in permanent supportive housing for people who are homeless and need intensive supports in the supplemental operating budget.
  • Invest in new SHELTER and ENHANCE existing shelter with $66,395,667 in the supplemental operating budget and $30,000,000 in the supplemental capital budget.
  • Fully eliminate the Shelter Penalty for people receiving help through the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (ABD), Refugee Cash Assistance, Pregnant Women’s Assistance, TANF, and State Family Assistance programs (Leavitt proviso).
  • Establish a $5 million pilot program to provide rental assistance to help people with long-term disabilities on SSI/SSDI stay in their homes (Macri proviso).
  • Raise the ABD Cash Grant – nobody can live on $197 a month!

How to play Advocacy Bingo:

  1. Print out an Advocacy Bingo card and post it in a place where you’ll see it throughout the legislative session
  2. Cross off bingo squares as you complete the items – the goal is to get 5 in a row! Bonus points for a total blackout.
  3. Email a photo of your bingo card in progress to speakup@homelessinfo.org by 1/15, 2/5, 2/20, or 3/3. We’ll draw for prizes at the following days’ Coalition Membership Meeting or South King County Forum on Homelessness Meeting.
  4. Encourage others to join in the fun!