One Night Count

Beyond the One Night Count: 

In 2016 the Coalition on Homelessness suspended our leadership of the One Night Count of people who are homeless outside. We are deeply proud of the many partnerships that powered this community assessment project over 37 years, and of the education and advocacy inspired by the One Night Count. For additional background about our decision, please read our letter below. Our education, advocacy, and organizing continue! Please join us. Find out more about our work here.

Count Us In 
Every Continuum of Care is responsible for organizing a Point-in-Time Count of people who are homeless in shelters, in transitional housing, and outside. 
All Home King County, as the convener of the local Continuum of Care, is in charge of overseeing the local count. Beginning in January 2017 these activities are known as Count Us In.  Learn more about “Count Us In” here.  Sign up to volunteer for the Friday, January 26, 2018 here

News for Coalition members, partners and volunteers about our work together

November 2016

Dear Coalition Members, Supporters, and One Night Count Volunteers,

With unanimous support of our Board, we have decided to suspend the One Night Count of people who are homeless outside. The Coalition on Homelessness has organized the One Night Count for 37 years. Our reasons for leading this community effort have been constant: to document the realities of homelessness, and to engage our whole community in understanding and taking action. People in Seattle and King County were among the first to do such work, years before there was a federal mandate to carry out a Point-in-Time (PIT) count of people who are homeless. 

Our One Night Count has always been grounded in community organizing. People with deep personal and professional experience, and organizations with strong connections in communities across King County, have contributed thousands of hours each year. We have integrated education and advocacy into all aspects of the project. Our community has a powerful sense of collective ownership of the One Night Count. We have been proud to foster this approach, and we thank all of you who have helped to ensure a safe, accurate, and respectful count using these methods.

In recent years, federal rules governing PIT counts have narrowed, and local priorities have shifted. For three years in a row, we have seen double digit increases in the numbers of people without shelter in King County. Homelessness is unmistakably a crisis affecting men, women, and children all over our region. Local governments have officially recognized that we are in a state of emergency. Our Coalition’s collective voice is urgently needed to secure resources for more shelter, services, and housing, and to speak up for and protect people who are homeless.

What’s next?

We can best fulfill our mission – ensuring safety and survival for people while they are homeless, and working collaboratively to bring an end to the regional crisis of homelessness – by using our people power and organizational resources to support people who are homeless and members of the public in being effective advocates. We intend to support our members with more resources, education, and tools, and to engage more deeply with our broad network of community partners. We are excited to schedule a new series of case manager trainings, set up additional community events, and work out creative ways for people to learn, volunteer, and take action together!

Please stay involved and stay in touch! Though we’re not asking you to show up for the One Night Count in January, we are asking you to commit to showing up with us in Bellevue, Federal Way, Renton, Kent, Tukwila, White Center, North Bend, Seattle – or wherever your voice is needed. Please sign up for our Take Action! Alerts. We invite you to share your favorite One Night Count stories, as well as ideas about how the Coalition’s volunteer base and members can make the most difference in your part of King County.

All Home will conduct a January 2017 PIT count, as required by federal and state laws. We are confident that they will do so in a way that respects the safety and privacy of people who are homeless, and provides accurate information for all of us about the extent of the crisis in King County. Learn more about “Count Us In” and sign up to volunteer here.

On behalf of the Coalition’s staff and Board, our heartfelt thanks to every person who has been part of the One Night Count, and to all our members and supporters. We have accomplished extraordinary things together, and we have some big work ahead of us.

We hope you’ll be at our sides as we continue to engage people in speaking up for safety, justice, and the housing that homeless people need. 

˜ Alison Eisinger, Executive Director

P.S. We really want to hear from you! Stay in touch: please sign up for Coalition news, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay involved.