What You Can Do

The Coalition relies on the engagement and support of our members and community allies to move forward our mission of ensuring safety and survival for folks experiencing homelessness and to end the crisis of homelessness in our region. 

Engage in Advocacy

  • Attend a Homelessness Advocacy 101 workshop and learn how your voice can make a difference in the lives of those who are homeless. 
  • Join your voice with others and speak up by contacting your legislators or sharing your story.
  • Sign up to receive advocacy alerts from us to hear when and how your voice is most needed.

Contribute your time or money

  • Donate Now to support and grow our capacity to advocate, educate, and influence the state of homelessness in Seattle and King County.
  • Volunteer to support our projects and initiatives: 
    Project CoolVoter Registration, and more.

  • Do you work directly with people who are homeless? 
    Do you believe your organization shares our mission? 
    Do you want to add your voice to a collective in order to better move homeless and housing priorities forward? 
    Consider becoming a member.  

  • Become a sponsor and lend critical financial or in kind support to the work of the Coalition – moving forward our issues and being a part of the important work of ending homelessness in our community.