photo of people at a training

Join us for our March Membership Meeting!

Attending our monthly Membership Meeting is a great way to hear community updates, get in-depth program primers, and learn how to stay involved in local advocacy efforts.

Join the Coalition on Thursday, 3/21 at 9am for information on United Way’s tax prep programs – including how to file, how to access the Working Families Tax Credit (not just for families) and the last chance to redeem the 2020 stimulus check, AND a legislative recap from our tireless community advocates and state lawmakers!

Join our TANF/WorkFirst Training on 2/29!

Public benefits can be challenging to navigate. Our Public Benefits are Key Training series can make it easier to access benefits for those who need it!

On Thursday, 2/29 at 9am, join us on Zoom for expert practical education from our friends at Solid Ground’s Benefits Legal Assistance program, who can help you apply for cash benefits, avoid pitfalls, and support your client to avoid denials and terminations.

We’ll also hold a special Advocacy Power Half-Hour for providers who are passionate about making systems-level change and who want to use their voice during the legislative session.

Coalition on Homelessness sues Burien Over
Unconstitutional Ordinance

Represented by the Northwest Justice Project (NJP), the lawsuit charges the City of Burien with violating the Washington Constitution by adopting a vague and almost incomprehensible ordinance that criminalizes the status of being homeless, inflicts cruel and unusual punishment,
and deprives individuals of due process.

“It shouldn’t be a crime to be human and homeless,” said Alison Eisinger, Executive Director of the Coalition on Homelessness. “Burien is better than this. We want to repeal this unjust law that effectively bans homeless individuals from living in Burien. This law is the opposite of helpful.”

*A December 2021 report from King County’s Department of Community and Human Services estimates that about 40,300 people experienced homelessness through the course of 2020. This number is an estimate based on several sources, and corresponds with the general understanding that three times as many people go through the crisis of homelessness as are counted during the point in time count. The Coalition on Homelessness coordinated the “One Night Count” of people without homes or shelter as a community assessment and organizing project from 1979 through January 2016. Download a pdf of our poster showing the most recent decade of data (January 2007 through January 2016) we gathered.