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Join Us! Coalition membership is open to organizations and individuals who commit Membership is open to organizations that commit to our mission to mobilize our community to challenge systematic causes of homelessness and advocate for housing justice. We strive to work collaboratively to ensure safety and survival for people while they are homeless, and to end the crisis of homelessness in our region.

Join us at our monthly meetings, including General Membership meetings on the third Thursday of each month in Columbia City (online as of March 2020 until further notice due to COVID-19) and the South King County Forum on Homelessness on the first Wednesday or each month in Kent. Click here to learn more.

I think that the Coalition serves a crucial (and complex) function. . . . It holds a unique position where
a lot of different arms of municipal, state, and local government, community organizations, NGOs,
advocacy groups, and interested individuals all cross paths and pool intentions.”

– Direct service staff working in homelessness and housing

If you have any questions, or if you would like to pay your Individual or Organizational annual membership fees, please contact our Operations staff at:  operations(at)homelessinfo(dot)org.

There are two ways to sign up for an membership!

» Online Form:

» Download Form (PDF):

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The Coalition hosts regular Friday meetings for Senior Leadership staff of our member organizations. To learn more or sign up to participate in these meetings, please email operations(at)homelessinfo(dot)org.

Organizational Membership Fees

Member fees are the reason we have a strong, informed, independent voice. Fees are sliding scale and should equal at least one-tenth of one percent of your organization’s operating budget (multi-service organizations’ fees are based on the portion of agency budget devoted to housing and homelessness services).

Operating Budget Fee Rate Total Fee
$150,000 or less Flat Rate $150
$150,001 to $25 million Operating Budget x 0.001  
$25 million and up, or government partners TBD – contact Coalition Staff TBD

Note: all-volunteer organizations or those facing a financial hardship may request reduced membership fees. Please contact the Coalition’s Operations staff at operations[at]homelessinfo[dot]org call 206-204-8350.

Individual Membership Suggested Dues

Dues are sliding scale based on your ability to pay. We will work with you if you are unable to pay dues and wish to become a member.

AmountMembership Type
Suggested dues:
$10 or an amount meaningful to you
Anyone with low income or who is
currently without a home
Suggested dues:
$25 or an amount meaningful to you

*Please note:
 Financial hardship should not be a barrier to membership. We will arrange alternative dues if need be. Please contact us at (206) 204-8350 or operations[at]homelessinfo[dot]org.