Homelessness Advocacy 101 Workshop

State Homelessness Advocacy Workshops 
Turn your passion into action– speak up for housing justice now!

YOU can be a voice for real and positive investments that assist, shelter, and house thousands of people. To help you get started with speaking up, our Coalition hosts advocacy workshops to help people at all levels of experience get involved with state legislative advocacy.

In previous years, these workshops were called Beyond the One Night Count or Homelessness Advocacy 101 Workshops, and were led by Nancy Amidei, a longtime friend of the Coalition. In 2021, we re-imagined our advocacy workshops and developed Speak Up Pop Ups— bite-sized weekly virtual workshops throughout the entirety of the state legislative session.

At all our Coalition advocacy workshops, we aim to

  • Provide tools and space to help everyone feel confident and empowered to speak up – and help others speak up, too. 
  • Learn or review how good ideas and budget proposals become a law in Washington state.
  • Provide information about current proposals to create more affordable homes and help people while they are homeless, and how you can help these proposals become law.
  • Build a community of advocates that are willing to speak up for housing justice!

Our workshops are fun, free, and open to all! Advocacy just means speaking up, so you don’t need to be a policy expert to attend these workshops, you just need to be willing to speak up! We’ll give you just enough information about the legislative session and key proposals to help you be an effective advocate. We’ll give you sample messages, talking points, and a chance to practice your advocacy skills. We hope that you will leave informed and empowered to speak up, and even help to engage your co-workers, classmates, clients, community members to advocate as well.

We hope to re-launch our Speak Up Pop Ups in the future. For now, here are other ways to connect with the Coalition.

  • Learn more about how to contact your local, county, state, and federal elected officials here.
  • Learn more about our state legislative advocacy and take action here.
  • Sign up for Coalition Action Alerts to get timely updates about when your voice is needed.