Speak Up

Let your elected officials hear from YOU about what matters most!

Speak up! Sharing your knowledge and support for homeless services and housing can help an elected official to better understand the crisis of homelessness in our region (including its intersections with other issues), and influence lawmakers to champion positive policy and budget solutions.

Local council members, executive officials, state legislators, and U.S. Congress members make decisions that directly affect the communities we live and work in. Public policy and budgets also inform what answers we have for people seeking services, housing, and support from critical programs. Elected officials and staff are ready to hear from the people they represent– it’s up to us to speak up.

Take Action!

Remember: Advocacy just means speaking up! Use your voice, help others raise their voices, and be part of our collective action for housing justice.

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Visit our Washington Legislative Advocacy page to learn the about the various ways you can Speak Up using our Advocacy Toolkit.

Resources to help you get ready to speak up


Voting districts determine who and what you can vote for. Click the link below to enter your home address to find out your voting districts. You don’t need a home to vote! If you do not have a traditional address, enter a mailing address, or a cross street/intersection, shelter address, or park address that you most often stay in.

Click here to look up your voting districts in King County, WA, U.S., and Seattle (if applicable).


Where you live determines which elected officials represent you at the city level, county level, state level, and national level. Use the tools below to look up your elected officials and their contact information.

Seattle City Council
Seattle Mayor
Information for Mayors, Administrators, and City Councils in other King County cities 

King County Council 
King County Executive 

STATE  – click here to view a detailed guide on how to look up your state lawmakers, legislative district, and contact information.
Washington State Legislature
Washington State Governor 

U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate

Take Action

There are no current action alerts available, but you can still reach out to your elected officials own your own!

For other ideas on what to contact your elected officials about, sign up for our Advocacy Alerts for timely updates on important issues.