Would you like to volunteer with the Coalition?

There are several ways you can be part of the work we do throughout the year. We welcome your help supporting children who are homeless through  Project Cool, assisting eligible voters to register and vote, providing an extra pair of hands at fundraising events, and helping us in the office through mailing parties to send out newsletters and postcards, making buttons, or finding other ways to use your talents to power the Coalition.

Because we have a very small staff, and do not provide social services or housing, if you are looking for volunteer opportunities to directly serve folks experiencing homelessness, please contact one of our member organizations.

To learn more about Coalition programs and projects, click here

For Voter Registration Volunteers who have completed Volunteer Orientation: Volunteer shift sign up can be found here.
Note: In order to volunteer to register voters, we ask that you attend a Volunteer Orientation. If the dates don’t work for you, or this poses a problem, please email hillary[at]homelessinfo[dot]org.